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Spirits that fuel the conversation

Schouten Distillery was born out of love for stories and the passion to share them. All we want is to spark conversation. Open up to new thoughts and ideas. Come together, share a drink and a story or two.

our heroes

The start of our adventure is a range of handcrafted Gins, where each Gin is full of flavour and unique to the last drop.

True craftmanship

At Schouten Distillery, we are different and stay true to what we believe in. We stay close to our heart, control every step we take and dare to think outside the box. We use the finest natural botanicals, master the science of distilling with a passion and strive only for perfection. We want to present you what true craftmanschip tastes like!


We invite you to experience the beautiful world of spirits. Discover the history of distilling, take a look behind the scenes and find out how we make the spirits of today. End your visit with a great tasting session.  


Create your own sublime cocktail. Choose from our collection of recipes.

Dutch Negroni

Dutch Negroni

  1 part Old Style Genever No.1 1 part Campari 1 part Sweet Vermouth Build in a tumbler glass with one big ice cube. Garnish with an orange part.   You will also like   SCHOUTEN DISTILLERY We don’t just make spirits, we create moments.MORE INFOAbout Us...

Old School Style Gin and Sour

Old School Style Gin and Sour

  2 part Buchu Blue Gin No.3 1 part Freshly squeezed lemon juice 0,5 part Simple Syrup 0,5 part Pasteurized egg white 3 drops Schouten Bitter No.1 First shake with ice (wet) then without ice (dry). Fine-strain into a chilled coupe. And garnish with two...

Damn Tasty Gin and Tonic

Damn Tasty Gin and Tonic

  2 part Buchu Blue Gin No.3 4 part Premium Indian or Mediterranean Tonic Water Build in a chilled Highball glass then fill with ice. Garnish with a few blueberries sprig of mint.   You will also like   NEWS & EVENTSJoin us for following our...


We don’t just make spirits,
we create moments.


Verlengde Noordkade 14,
5462 EH, Veghel