Classic Gin & Tonic

2 part London Dry Gin No.1
4 part Premium Tonic Water

Build in a chilled collins glass then fill with ice. Garnish with lime weel.

Gin-Tonic or just G&T is a versatile and pretty easy to make cocktail.
There are a lot of different gins and tonics you can experience with 

and of cours you can go crazy on the garnish. As long you use the right
measurements, quality ingredients and a bit of love there’s not much
that can go wrong.

To be honest I like my G&T pretty basic, i love well balanced (bold) flavors.
Our classic London Dry Gin with a premium tonic is all i used for this cocktail
Depending on the tonic you can use a orange or a lime weel 

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We don’t just make spirits,
we create moments.


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