Buchu blue gin no.3


Gin No.3 bears the name “Khoisan” and is a New Western Style Gin. Striking by its deep blue colour with the fragrance and taste of the native herb Buchu, that grows in the mountains of the Western Cape in South Africa. 

When the Dutch colonists set foot on the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa in 1652, the first people they encountered were the Khoisan. These by origin hunter-gatherers introduced the holy herb buchu to the new settlers. The aromatic, calming and stimulating effect of this herb was essential for medicinal practice and therefore the buchu is of great importance in the Khoisan history. 

Different from any other gin

Without a doubt, the “Khoisan” can be called a full and rich Gin. The taste buds get spunked by the punchy spices and floral freshness with a bitterness in the aftertaste. The juniper is subtly present, as is the warm accent of oranges which blends beautifully with the buchu that marks the ‘signature’ taste of the ‘Khoisan’. The addition of caraway seed and pepper make this Gin significantly different from any other Gin you’ve ever tasted so far. Be amazed by the visual surprise when you mix the Khosian with tonic.


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