Our story

We don’t just make spirits, we create moments. Memories that last a lifetime.

We all have a story to tell

The idea of Schouten Distillery was born at the kitchen table in company of some great friends. Out of love for the stories and the passion to share them. We wanted to honor these moments with friends, by keeping these stories alive and to prove that against all expectations, an idea can become reality.

We invite you to join us on our jouney and enjoy our liquid stories in which you do not only taste Botanicals and malt, but also our passion, the feeling and our attention. Think about what your story might be about. And perhaps our paths cross one day.

Beyond tradition

What started as a dream became reality through daring, passion and faith. The belief in yourself and everyone around you. A belief in science and spirituality. Passion for ingredients, nature, and the process.


We believe in old craftsmanship, tradition and family, scientific experiments, the art of nature but also in high-tech, ultramodern and futuristic. Respect for the past, but distilling today. Ready for the future. This is our story, taste it.


We don’t just make spirits,
we create moments.


Verlengde Noordkade 14,
5462 EH, Veghel