Barrel aged gin no.2


Gin No. 2 is the “Yugen”, a beautiful Barrel Aged Gin that is aged on several small American oak barrels. With every batch, 250 bottles are filled and labeled by hand, in our own traditional distillery.

“Yugen” stands for the awareness that we are all part of this universe and the connection that we have with each other. It describes the deeper state of mind that we knowingly and unknowingly influence one another to do better in life. 

Golden treasure

The “Yugen” rests relatively short on American oak barrels. This phase however, is crucial for the Barrel Aged Gin. The oak barrels give away that unique sweet flavor and transforms the clear Gin into a golden treasure. The result is a Gin that preserves the strength and complexity of the original spirit but surprises with the soft hint of vanilla and the exotic taste of coconut, with every sip you take. The soft taste of the “Yugen” makes it enjoyable to drink both pure and on the rock.


We don’t just make spirits,
we create moments.


Verlengde Noordkade 14,
5462 EH, Veghel